Nintendo Revolution
Yeah, but what would it do for the browsing experience?

Drag-and-drop becomes more fun.

It might be fun to "play tennis" with Amazon serving books, movies, and wares. Crush unwanted widgets down the line; drop shot Fly or Die into your shopping cart. E-commerce as sport.

Update September 23, 2005: This excellent interface from Etsy is a good example of the three-dimensional, "serving" browsing experience outlined above. Etsy's interface is so interactive and the browsing experience so novel that equally fresh hardware, perhaps the Revolution or something Revolution-like, could enrich it even more. In any case, Etsy's experimental interface and its browsing paradigm feels more like a game than an e-commerce application. How might we extend that model?

Today, Mr. John Robb writes about "creat[ing] a company that produces real world services through a game interface." Does hardware such as Nintendo's make such companies more achievable? Are these consumer hardware products with game interfaces sufficiently powerful to drive the tele-robotics services that IBM's Jim Spohrer talks about here (about minute 31)?
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