IT Metaphors and the International Political System
I spent this morning preoccupied with thoughts of Barnett's and Robb's competing IT-informed international security models. Tom Barnett describes the international political system in terms of a Big Blue Leviathan force that big bangs bankrupt states and system administers regions into modernity; John Robb models a fast, cheap, and out of control counterpoint that levels the state -individual heirarchy into social inter-networks. This morning's preoccupation was not by choice, and I blame Jonathan Schwartz.

For the third time I'm listening to Schwartz's Open Source Business Conference talk. The IT ecosystem he describes resembles Robb's model significantly more than Barnett's. "The big wave in the marketplace to individuals getting involved in making technology decisions and that's a shift that is fundamentally changing the job of a CIO and it is fundamentally changing purchasing patterns." Exchanging "technology decisions" for "strategic decisions" and "purchasing patterns" for "political patterns" approximates the paradigm that Robb short-hands to "global guerillas", and sees evidenced in groups as politically oppossed as MS-13 to the American Minute Men. Meanwhile, Barnett's Big Bang/Big Install in Iraq continues clocking billable hours amid what seems like a strong nih psychology and persistent open-source competition. IT companies facing similar pressures are countering by opening their own source, as does Schwartz's Sun, or acquiring.


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