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Phil why are all your analogies about wars and fighting.
lol, instant classic!

And from Microsoft, what seem like robust XBox tools:
Microsoft today announced further enhancements for extending Xbox Live services with the Xbox Live Server Platform. Using this platform, developers can create their own back-end servers to run alongside Xbox Live. Developers will get firsthand experience with this update -- which provides easier-to-manage and more scalable technology on Xbox Live in the next Xbox Development Kit, expected in May. Microsoft Game Studios' blockbuster Xbox 360 game, "Project Gotham Racing(R) 3," offers an early example of how these services can work; up to 30,000 gamers can easily watch other racers play in real time through Spectator Mode...Developers will be able to tap into real-time Extensible Markup Language (XML) feeds to update things such as weather, rosters or other changing information.
Can Sony compete in a platform war against Microsoft?

And Jonathan Schwartz announced Sun's Grid, and so set the standard for human corporate communication:

Allow me to once again apologize in advance for a lack of brevity. This is one of those blogs you wait a career to write.

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