The advertising wars between Amazon and Google keep ramping up as evidenced by the below post from the Amazon Web Service Team:
TicTap Contextual Ads: "Early this morning I received an email from Alex Choo over at TicTap.

Alex wanted me to be among the first to know about TicTap's new Contextual Ads. The new system uses ECS to show very attractive contextually relevant ads in sidebar form. Each ad block can display up to 50 products, supplanted by a very stylish mouseover popup for each product.
Amazon seems to be cultivating a strong developer community among publishers, a key constituency, in the clash. That group is the equivalent to Google's AdSense publishers. But what about the coin's other side? ZShops and Marketpalce suppliers--or the Adwords analog? What kind of community development is Amazon doing there?

(PS: Can we get some more addressable URLs at Google Finance? Or Morningstar?)

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