"The fundamental difference between us is that I walk my talk."
-Lynn Woolsey, San Francisco Chronicle

No wonder she has no time to coalition build and legislate. Equally comedic were Woolsey's sophomoric remarks in a letter to James Oberstar, ranking Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee:
"Thank you again for securing $15 million for the Novato Narrows project on Highway 101 in my Northern California District. You won't believe this but I am writing today to request your further assistance."
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While Representative Woolsey's opposition to the Iraq invasion and championship of withdrawal has not produced even modest results, her failure to combat No Child Left Behind best demonstrates her incapacity. Unfortunately, Kos' Malacandra gives the standard apology for the Act's disaster: the Bush Administration under funded it and it harshly punishes school districts. Actually, Congress, which controls the federal budget and of which Representative Woolsey is member, under funded it; strictly enforced "accountability" was one of the bill's central tenets. As ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Education Reform she failed to command decent, funded legislation. Rather than merely "advocating better education policies", our representative ought to legislate and pass them.

Representative Woolsey's challenger, Joe Nation, has demonstrated an ability to get things done: 42 bills enacted in six years. Malacandra also misunderstands Nation's proposal to correct the No Child Left Behind mistake arguing "he has no plan to fix or replace it". Not quite right--hitting the "Delete" key would be a terrific fix: "I would like to undo 'No Child Left Behind,'" [Nation has] said. "It was a disaster for California. I think we need to scrap it."

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