"Globalization and rampant interconnectivity has led to the rise of vast global smuggling networks. These networks live in the space between states. They are simultaneously everywhere and nowhere at the same time."

John Robb's BOOK REVIEW: ILLICIT by Moises Naim

"Our community would very much like us to continue on the fight against spam, and our community has grown over the last week," Reshef said. "But at the end of the day if we continue doing so, within a few days, major websites will go down. I don't feel that this is something I can be responsible for. I cannot go ahead and rip up the internet to make Blue Security work. This is not the decision a commercial entity can make."

The abrupt decision ends a high-profile standoff between spammers and a tiny startup whose unorthodox methods had seemingly stymied some of the most prolific purveyors of junk e-mail in the world, if only temporarily. For a few intense days, the fight showed with shocking clarity the lengths to which some spammers will go to protect their businesses, and the devastating arsenals at their command.

The lesson to be learned, Reshef said, is that large ISPs and governments need to recognize that spammers are connected to criminal syndicates and that they, not a small startup, are the only ones who can shut down these networks.

Wired's Under Attack, Spam Fighter Folds


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