Microsoft's Live Anywhere gets even better:
Progress on the mobile phone side seems to be coming along quite well. I saw demos of Live software running on both Windows Mobile and Java-based phones. That's right: Live Anywhere won't be restricted to Windows Mobile at all. It is intended to run on all major phone platforms and all major carriers.
Client independence? Microsoft relaxing OS demands to get network participants constrasts sharply contrasts with Cringley's most recent:
What counts is that for Microsoft the platform is the PC while for Google the platform is the Internet and nobody can hope to control the Internet.
I'm selling that view. Though there are not yet marketable products demonstrating the client independent evolution that ExtremeTech suggests above, the early prototype forms show promise. If the financials ultimately prove compelling enough to support Java handsets' Live access as Microsoft says they will, what about other client platforms, like OSX? To the extent that Bootcamp makes that question moot, as people boot Vista on their Powerbooks, Microsoft stands to offer XBox Live services, collect subscriptions, and give access to a multimedia market.

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