Microsoft's Mr. Steve Ballmer seems to not understand the advertising market. Mr. Ballmer: You want to attract publishers that will carry advertisements you serve to them. Promise to share a better part of revenue than Google's Adsense promises. If you pay the publishers more, they will run your advertisements and not Google's. Finding that many publishers run Microsoft-served advertisements, and wishing to reach those publishers' audiences, advertisers will pay you for your ad-serving service showering you with money.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer, 50, is courting ad agencies including Seattle's Avenue A Razorfish, saying those customers are as important as developers who create software for the Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Once, ``I'd say developers, developers, developers, developers, but not any more, baby; it's advertisers, advertisers, advertisers,'' Ballmer said at an Avenue A client meeting in March in Florida, while running around the stage and punching the air.

Publishers, publishers, publishers. For God's sake, Scoble.


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