Microsoft's XBox Live, Vista, and mobile media integration-- Live Anywhere-- is absolutely awesome. See the cent video here. They have to get Vista out for Christmas. Suddenly, people have a reason to buy a Vista operated PC for their home; if they act on the incentive, the Live network's community would make PS3 obsolete. (Wii takes a niche.) Financially, Microsoft created for itself opportunities for service subscriptions on top of the initial Vista license. Nice.

What are the fun, experiential games without your friends? Unused? myspace suggests people want to play what other people play--not necessarily the most creative, sensorific software. myspace might even be a downright horrible, unnecessary click factory. Additionally, users' sunk costs in hardware and high switching costs (min. ~$300) reinforces Microsoft's network effect; the free products in myspace's low-cost, no-investment market create vulnerability.

Interestingly, I didn't see any memeorandum coverage--did I miss it?

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