A small round-up of lively American writing.
"Along the way, though, we had to deal with Cairo traffic, which is to traffic what Iraq is to nation building -- with the added distraction that Egyptian pedestrians are utterly fearless when it comes to wading out into a major arterials, and utterly indifferent to any problems this may cause for the drivers bearing down on them. Egyptians in general don’t so much walk as glide (those ancient tomb painters knew their subjects) and watching a bunch of them weave their way among the cars zinging past is enormously entertaining, like watching a enormous chorus line do the cha cha.

But I wasn’t in the mood for it. "

“Hurry,” the cop said. And so we did – out into the hurricane of flesh and metal that is downtown Cairo.

What kind of American tourist comes in and asks for a cash advance, leaves, and then immediately comes back and tries to change a small bill? I was acting desperate, and desperation is always grounds for suspicion.
Billmon, All's Well That Ends Well the moment that we need the Congress most, it is feckless, corrupt, and venal.
Jack Balkin, A corrupt Congress is shocked to find a lawless Executive

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